Ancil Lea

Nominations are OPEN for At-Large Delegate and SWATA Rep! CLICK HERE to nominate one of your fellow Arkansas ATCs!


2019-2020 Executive Board Members


Jonathan Elrod: President                                                                     Jeremy Braziel: President-Elect
President@AATAOnline.com                                                                 PresElect@AATAOnline.com

Keith Shireman: At Large Delegate                                                       Jan Kiilsgaard: SWATA Representative
AtLargeDel@AATAOnline.com                                                               SWATARep@AATAOnline.com

Kembra Mathis, AATA Past-President                                                   Christa Finney: Recording Secretary
PastPresident@AATAOnline.com                                                         Secretary@AATAOnline.com

Heidi Balliette: Parliamentarian                                                            Heather Jolly: Secretary/Treasurer
Parliamentarian@AATAOnline.com                                                      Treasurer@AATAOnline.com